Workshop ENSAPM


Lineic Table_Octobre 2014

Enseignant: Paul Ehret

Moniteur: Xavier Delanoue

Etudiants: DePins Pierre-Edom John-LeConte Léa -Vimal Léa-Salin Jonathan-Ibrahim Sara-Pignon Clément-Bruneau Emma-Giaccone Lisa-Boudet Halna-Martins Sofia-Agaccio Astrid-Foucault Albane

The design of a table involves different elements: surfacique ones for the top, but obviously lineic ones for the underlying structure.
The common sense knows that these lines and curves and not exactly only linear: they behave more like limited surfacique elements, or even solid ones. This workshop will investigate this dichotomy with the manipulation of different means and tools. Hand sketches, physical mockups, flexible parametric models, stress calculation, reduced scale model and final model assembled by hand or with a more progressive method (laser cut, 3D print, robot, etc). The limit of material bending will be tested and the problematic of multi strands joints will be considered. Structural efficiency, assembly technique and esthetics will be the criterias through which the projects will be pushed.


 DePins Pierre-Edom John-LeConte Léa


Martins Sofia-Agaccio Astrid-Foucault Albane


Vimal Léa-Salin Jonathan-Ibrahim Sara


Pignon Clément-Bruneau Emma


Giaccone Lisa-Boudet Halna


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