Outdoor Lab – Nube


2016 – Concours/Competition 


Outdoor Lab (Rome) – Nube

Nube is a multipurpose space without border where the differentiation of spaces is not physical but sensitive. This floating kinematic structure is creating gradually various atmospheres from intimate spaces to free open one. The accumulation of cardboard tubes and wires and their disposition are influencing visitor´s feeling of space. Nube has to be seen as a big infrastructure guiding the visitor through the space. The absence of tubes are creating as in a forest open-spot where are disposed the main activities. Nube offers a full free space that can be easily transformed according to different needs.

After one week of intense construction and thanks of the amazing work of  all the outdoor festival’s team, Nube was completed in time!

To see the full process of the project:

0- Proposition

1- Outdoor Lab – Process

2- Outdoor Lab – Construction

OutDoor - Final4.png


OutDoor - Final5.png


OutDoor - Final6.png


OutDoor - Final3.png

OutDoor - Final2.png



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