Outdoor Lab – Process


2016 – Concours/Competition 


Outdoor Lab (Rome) – Nube

To see the full process of the project:

1- Outdoor Lab – Project

2- Outdoor Lab – Construction

3- Outdoor Lab – Final

Bottom up approach:

Nube was created as a bottom-up design. Cardboard tubes were the starting point of the project and are defining the used rules. The structure is generated by changing few parameters. By varying the position of the balance point, the inclination of the tube is changing. This variation allows a great complexity and to approximate numerous shapes.


Outdoor Lab – Generation of the structure

Finding the balance point:

The balance point is the point where the system is at his equilibrium. According that the mass of each tube is uniform we can calculate easily for every tube his position.

PRocess 1 2 3-02.png

Outdoor Lab – Finding balance point

Parametric design:

Designed on parametric software, all the tubes follow the same logic and are assemble on the same way. Below we can see all the parameters that are influencing the project. When one of those parameters is modified, the shape actualizes itself automatically.


Outdoor lab – Data

{A;B} = Coordinate in the space
Lp = Length of the cardboard pipe
Dp = Diameter of the pipe
Db= Distance to the balance point
Lh= Length of the steel wire
Dwl= Distance to the left border
Dwr= Distance to the right border

File to factory:

All the information required to build the project is contain in the 3D model creating a continuum from the design to the production.


Outdoor Lab – Data


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